About Us

Shadow of a woman praying with a colorful sunset in the background


Pray Say Act is a Christian artwork brand and ministry designed to promote a healthy prayer life, positive affirmations, and the strengthening of one's faith. 

We all should PRAY bold prayers and ask God for the desires of our hearts. But not only pray, but believe that God will answer our prayers. However, many of us will pray and call a friend afterwards, and speak negatively about the things that we asked God to bless us for. This hurts God's heart because it shows that we don't believe in what He is capable of. Instead, we should speak positively as if it were already done. SAY, declare and decree it. And then, we should put our faith into action. Many times we will pray and say, and then sit back and wait on God. He will meet us and do His part because He is faithful and trustworthy. But, He won't do our part; we must ACT and do our own part, according to His will. 

Our artwork and merchandise serve as everyday reminders that God is always a prayer away--whether it's to seek Him, thank Him, or just to be in His presence!


Pray. Say. Act. Your journey to a purposeful life begins here.